IMG_0063The year was 1969 when I was introduced to Elliott Porter in the pages of National Geographic.  Mr. Porter was a physician turned bird photographer.  He was known for his intimate photos of bird in the wild.  I became fascinated with his images and decided I wanted to try my hand at photography.  My mother let me use her Kodak and so began a long photographic journey – starting with photographing chipmunks and flowers in northern Wisconsin and continuing on today learning the never ending stream of new technology and increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques.  In the intervening years I’ve used most camera formats from 110 to 4×5 large format.  My early film work was done primarily with Ektachrome which I learned to develop in my kitchen sink.  In the mid 80’s I began to use Kodachrome negative films and learned to make prints.  During a period between jobs in the Pharmaceutical industry, I also pursued architectural and commercial photography which taught me much about lighting and perspective. I resisted the move to digital until 2006 when I final acquired my first DSLR ( a Canon 5D).  Since then the digital medium and a variety of associated editing software (as well as printers) have opened up endless possibilities for creative expression. 

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy my images.